November Thoughts

Forest Watch schools are sending in samples.

Hurricane Sandy delayed delivery of needles from Connecticut but they came through in pretty good shape.

We are going to hear a lecture next week about two types of fungus that are infecting white pines.  Isabel Munck, an Extension forester, will speak to Barry’s forest health class.

We hope Isabel will visit us in January, Monday the 21st, to talk about this at our Forest Watch annual meeting.


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Hello, Forest Watch BLOG

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our new Forest Watch BLOG!  Our teachers at the Forest Watch training workshop suggested we set up a blog–so they can chat with each other and share ideas.  What a great idea!

I hope other Forest Watch teachers, our veterans from throughout New England, as well as students and citizens join our blog.

Today, September 7, is a gorgeous fall day.  Dr. Rock and I and students in his class, Monitoring Forest Health are taking a field trip this afternoon to set up pixels, measure tree dbh and height, and learn all the basics of Forest Watch field measurements.  I’ll be thinking of Forest Watch teachers knowing that many of you are out in the field today also, teaching children how to look at a white pine tree in a new way.

Maple trees are also on my mind.  This November, some pioneer teachers will help me establish a new branch on our Forest Watch tree-Maple Watch.  We’ll see if children can help build a long-term study of sugar maples and how they are responding to our changing climate.

Dr. Rock told his students the other day that he doesn’t know of a single other outreach science program, partnering kids and scientists, that has lasted as long as Forest Watch.  As our climate warms, as weather patterns change, as ozone events increase, Forest Watch is more important than ever.

I look forward to hearing blog-atations from you.

Martha Carlson, Forest Watch coordinator

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Welcome Forest Watch

This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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